Relationship Status

“Why doesn’t a girl like you have a boyfriend?” 

StatusThis question is, quite possibly, one of the things I am most often asked in my life. Not only by guys on NiteFlirt but from family and even some friends. For some reason, I constantly find myself reminding people of my stats: I’m 19, I’m in college, and my single status isn’t a side effect of something being wrong with me; I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t WANT one right now. I’m constantly being given unsolicited advice from friends in the “honeymoon” phase of their new relationships, or from aunts who have some romanticized idea of planning my wedding (um, have I mentioned I’m 19? haha) and even from old ladies in coffee shops or supermarkets who feel the need to let me know that they’d make a move on the solo-guy in line in front of us if they were “my age.” 

KissIt might sound like the cliché, “I’m single and loving it!” thing that girls say to keep themselves from crying into their lonely pillow at night, but as a young woman who doesn’t fear for my relationship future, right now I’m all about having fun and not getting too serious. As a college student, I constantly see how my friends tied to relationships struggle with their social decisions, and I do not envy them. The amount of times I’ve been told not to tag a friend on Facebook or Instagram because his or her “significant other” can’t know where they are for the night is astounding. I mean, I can’t image being put in the position to lie about who I’m with and where I am…. well, from anyone other than my mom and dad, maybe. Hehe. 

A lot of people think if you’re not Sexy1that loser girl who is pining after some guy waiting for him to become her boyfriend, that you must be the complete opposite type: the slut who is open for business 24/7 or maybe the anti-love “manhater.” I’m none of the above – I am not promiscuous, but i’m not a prude. I am not searching for and in desperate need of love, but I certainly won’t turn my back on the possibility of someone being a great guy who I’d like to be with, if he so happens to come along. I love having the freedom on any given day to say “no, I’m not interested” or to say “fuck yes, let’s do this!” It’s fucking amazing being a young, attractive, single woman who is aware of her own sexuality, and right now I am owning that! 

I know that because I’m single and have sexual freedom, I can experience things that a boyfriend would hold me back from. While I’m this young, hot, and experimental I want to be uninhibited and crazy sometimes. I want to tease and tempt older married men and make out with college boys whose names I can’t remember. I want to have steamy love affairs, scandalous stories to tell, and impassioned conversations with strangers that make me ache for them for days. 

When I start thinking about the entire concept of monogamy it feels somewhat archaic to me. Maybe it’s because of my unique situation as a “flirt” that I find the idea of a traditional relationship to be potentially disappointing and unrealistic. I mean, I am in constant contact with men who would rather rub one out in the bathroom while talking to me, than have to even for a second interact with his annoying, nagging wife. I know which end of that situation I want to be on, and being the hot young temptress is way sexier than the girlfriend or wife who is in the dark and doesn’t know what her man wants or needs. 

This time spent as a single college girl is and will continue to open my eyes to so many things I otherwise may not know about myself and about men. I know what gets me off and what I’m worthy of. I know that anyone who makes me feel modest, embarrassed, or ashamed in any way about what I like or don’t like isn’t someone who deserves me or my time. Yet I also know that if I’m not willing to be selfless and attend to the needs of a guy, then I can’t expect him to just sit around and patiently wait for me until I am “in the mood.” Sex is incredibly important to a successful relationship, and unless you take the time to explore your own sensuality when you have the freedom to do so, I believe you run the risk of ending up in the type of relationship that is mundane, predictable, or unfulfilling. 

So, as Valentine’s Day weekend approaches and guy friends, ex-boyfriends, and classmates who have apparently been admiring me from afar think they are throwing me a bone by asking me out for a V-Day date, I say, “don’t do me any favors!” This Valentine’s Day I won’t be pretending to like the roses a guy got me instead of the lilies I really wanted or be disappointed by the milk chocolate candies when he knows I only like dark. I won’t be annoyed at the fake attempt to give me some contrived version of a “romantic” date night that, in reality, neither of us actually want to go on. Instead, I’ll be going on a kick ass rock climbing/movie/casual dinner “date” with my other single besties, and I know at the end of the night if I’m feeling in need of something more… I have my own fingers and about a dozen boyfriends on NiteFlirt who know exactly how to take care of me! 


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Five Star Phone Sex

As much as I am a laid back person, there are some things that can get me really worked up from time to time. I don’t like when I work really hard at something, and then feel like the excessive amount of time, effort, or thoughtfulness isn’t appreciated or worse, is undermined in some way. 


This can obviously come into play when dealing with school, relationships, and work. I’m sure everyone reading this has moments at their jobs when they have felt like they were really kicking ass, but it either went unnoticed or was criticized in a way that came as a surprise. I’m certain it happens to everyone; I get that. However, my current  “job” of choice is through NiteFlirt. My responsibilities? Give guys who call, message, or purchase my “goodies” the time of their fucking life! The goal of my duties? To make a guy cum so fucking hard he’ll be 100% convinced that choosing me among the thousands of girls was worth it, leaving him inspired to come back for more. 

lipsEvery single call I answer on NiteFlirt I approach the same way – I am myself, I am genuine, and I will fucking rock it. The reality is that I won’t have chemistry with every caller or maybe some guys will have an expectation of me being a different type of person or into a fetish or niche area that isn’t quite my thing. My objective is to meet you (the guy spending his hard earned cash) wherever you are and to best adapt myself to your needs. Any person who calls one of my listings on NiteFlirt will always be presented with the REAL DEAL when talking to me. They can choose to talk to the real me (Hi, I’m Ryder! lol) or have me play a role for them (am I your neighbor? student? boss? mistress? etc.); that is their choice. However, each call (unless discussed and arranged prior) begins with the real Ryder. I’m enthusiastic, personable, and interesting. I don’t default to fake moans, unnecessary small-talk, or laziness. I never lie about who I am, where I live and go to school, what my personality is like or what my interests and personal fetishes are. If someone were to randomly survey any 10 of my regular callers and quiz them about me, you better believe they will all have the same answers (that is, if they’ve been paying attention). 

While I am a very confident girl, I am not so arrogant that I expect to be the absolute perfect girl for every single guy out there looking for phone sex. I am realistic and know life (even “fantasy” life) doesn’t work that way. However, what I do believe is that when a guy calls me on NiteFlirt, he rang my particular listing for a reason. This means there’s something about who I am that struck him enough to want to call me and give me a fair shot to be the “chosen one” he shoots his load for on any given night (gold star for you if you can sense my sarcasm here. hehe).  As a reward for my “performance,” guys are given the option to leave feedback on our call. My expectation is that I am judged fairly for my time, my enthusiasm, and my ability to engage you. Because I CARE deeply that every single person who calls me gets rock hard and cums so fucking good that they won’t be able to get me out of their head for a long time, I fucking bring it when I’m on the phone! I am NEVER lazy. I WORK FOR IT. I will say and do the dirty shit a guy wants to hear and for the guys who are shy, introverted, or unresponsive, I’ll explore all fucking avenues of hooking him and getting him to join “Team Ryder!”  

Here’s a sample of the type of feedback I usually get. 5 STARS all over….

Okay, so you are real and you care. So what?” You’re probably thinking… I bring all of this up because I received 1-star feedback tonight from a 3-minute phone call. Within 5 minutes of his hanging up, I was left a 1-star feedback review about how I’m not “real.” Nowhere within this call did this person attempt in any way to interact with the girl he called (me!). This is totally ok; he has no obligation to me to get to know me in any way. No one who calls me should ever feel they should engage in torturous small talk when all they actually want to do is just stroke it, cum, and move on! However, having my “realness” questioned publicly on my listing really irks me. In no way do I put on a “fake” voice or persona and in no way did I at any point attempt to mislead or “trick” this person or anyone else for that matter. 

….. let’s not forget about feedback for my sultry & hot “goodies” ….

A “flirt’s” feedback can make or break her business and one of the kisses of death is having your “reality” questioned. It’s true that there are girls out there who create characters and act them out. There’s other girls who are themselves with some edits to protect anonymity. There’s other girls who are completely genuine and real. There are girls who lie and say their getting off when they’re not; there are girls who are also really fucking horny and touching themselves right along with you. Just as guys get infatuated with flirts, girls can get infatuated with callers, making a connection as real as can be. None of these are the “right” or “wrong” approach, but when you are one of the real ones, it’s a tough pill to swallow to be labeled as a phony. There are guys who leave completely honest feedback (good or bad) based on a Flirt’s ability to read his call and bring it where he wanted it to go, and then there are complete dickheads who make asinine statements that have no reflection on what really happened over the phone. 

…. and feedback from even more amazing phone sex calls….

I know that I am not suited to a guy looking for a cougar, or a trailer-trash slut, or a hard-core domme. However, any man who picks up the phone and dials me on NiteFlirt should know that in the world of barely-legal teens who have a brain, personality, and appetite for fucking, I am a home run, 5-star phone sex girl! There is no question in my mind that I am worth your time and your money and so much more. I know that a 1-star review among a sea of 5-star, glowing, complementary ratings is eventually going to be diminished to nothing. 

5ed12e924577b807f7a0298937ce52f8I definitely am not going to be losing any sleep over this, and I know my followers and loyal guys never question who I am. It’s the first time callers though, who might still be toying with the idea of picking up the phone and calling who should be reassured not to be dissuaded by random, 1-star feedback in ANY flirt’s profile listings. If she’s consistently a 5-star provider judge her on the reputation she holds with the majority, and if you’ve had your own good, bad, or so-so experiences, make sure you leave us girls meaningful feedback so we know exactly how to give you the best fucking phone sex experience of your life the next time you call! 


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Are you Taboo?

I have a confession to make…. before I got involved in the “adult” industry, I would have sworn up and down that I knew a fucking lot about sex, sexual desires, and so-called “fetishes.” I’ve always been a very sexually curious girl; I became sexually active around age 13, started watching porn even earlier, and started touching myself even earlier than that!!! So, even though I’m just 19-years-old now, I would definitely have argued that even if I hadn’t personally done something myself, I had probably at least been exposed to the idea of it in some way, shape, or form.
Dancers perform during fetish fashion event in TokyoWell, fast forward to me entering the world of phone sex and I was smacked in the face with ideas and concepts I wouldn’t have ever dreamed up in my head. Shocking to me, the things that I, at the time, thought might be “taboo” were in fact considered to be “vanilla” in this new circle I was becoming immersed in. As call after call began pouring in, I quickly realized that there’s a whole big world out there of crazy shit happening I had no idea about, but that I would become increasingly fascinated with.

Before I get in too deep, for ME on a personal level, by age 18 (the age I started phone sex) I had had REAL LIFE sex with 5 different guys: the boy I lost my virginity to, my high-school boyfriend aka “first love,” the married, older man otherwise known as my “secret affair,” the 30-something boyfriend who I still can’t believe my parents let me leave the house with, and the really cute boy I sometimes hooked up with during summers away at my family’s annual vacation spot. By today’s teen standards I fell somewhere completely centered to the extremes of “prude” versus “slore” (slut+whore) and was perfectly comfortable with that placement.

In addition to number of partners, I’d not done anything out of the ordinary sexually. Most girls I knew were having sex by age 15 and a majority were doing anal by the time we graduated high school, so nothing too “taboo” happening over here other than that little married man mishap. Oops. 😉

With all of that said… my first few calls as a “PSO” were a little shocking and ranged from sexy, confusing, disturbing, and even more fucking confusing. Any given night I could go from hearing the sexiest fucking thing that made me so wet, resulting in having to play with myself to hearing the most deplorable thing I could ever imagine and wondering if I legit should be making a phone call to the police! Because of this, I really started delving deeper into trying to understand various fetishes, and before long I convinced myself that most men belonged in one of 2 categories: guys who want to be your “daddy” and guys who want to be forced to suck cock. Sometimes they start as one and very abruptly can become the other, and oftentimes I would find that there were additional “fetishes” that were the result of this basic categorization, but overall… I was quickly introduced to those two types of people and all their deepest, darkest, and most deviant of fantasies.

taboofetish5For instance – in my experience the “daddy” type usually love taboo role play involving “incest,” whether it’s a daughter type, step-daughter, son’s girlfriend, or anything closely related (no pun intended). There’s the “Sugar Daddy” who want to buy you things or put you through school or pay your bills and treat you like a little China doll and call you names like “princess” in exchange for some amazing arm candy they wouldn’t likely score without this financial arrangement. Other “daddies” engage in voyeurism and public masturbation, that can result in stalking, and a number of different forced sexual scenarios that, if happening in real life, would be terrifying, but when playing out with a few of these men while I’m safely protected by distance, can be admittedly hot (go on…. I dare you to judge me, then think about the kind of fucked up shit you are into! Hehe.).

The guys who love to suck dick though, are endlessly eye opening to me! From self proclaimed “sissies” to guys looking to be humiliated and dominated, these men really introduced me to the world of men who were just begging to be submissive; forcing me to evaluate any man who approached me in real life and secretly ask myself, “does this guy really like me or would he rather be sucking cock?” Yes, this could definitely fuck with a girl over time. Particularly a girl like me who, even though my ego wanted to believe I was “experienced,” was actually pretty sheltered in the world of sexual exploration of fetishes, particularly the “taboo” kind. I mean, there is absolutely nothing shocking about guys wanting to suck dick; I’ve had my fair share of gay friends, but when it’s a guy on his knees begging his “mistress” (wait, that’s me??? Lol) to allow him to suck my hypothetical boyfriend’s dick before his wife gets home with the kids…. Well, welcome to the secret deviant world of living out your taboo desires over the phone!

TabooFetish2One of my most memorable calls early on was with a guy only a few years older than me – maybe 22 or 23 – who wanted me to pretend I was his girlfriend who recently broke up with him. Me being ME, initially did the typical girly “awwwwwww!” offering my condolences, only to quickly realize that this scenario did not call for sympathy, but instead he wanted me to humiliate him. I was to tell him all the reasons I (playing his gf) am breaking up with him and how pathetic he is. All of this would happen as he “polished his gun.” I’d like to convince myself that this was some kind of euphemism for stroking his cock, but I don’t think so. After our call “finished” so to speak, he told me not to hang up and he proceeded to put me on hold. I then listened to him interacting like a completely normal human being with another person in his home. By the time I hung up the phone I was fairly certain he wasn’t going to murder anyone that day, but …. I’d be crazy to say that it didn’t strike a chord with me in some way that made me truly fascinated by the way our minds work in connection to sexual deviance and desires.

Over time I’ve learned there is FAR more to the sexual psyche than those previous categories I was so quick to stereotype. From guys who love to be teased and denied an orgasm altogether to the callers who literally want to be ignored or ridiculed as you go about whatever mundane task you happen to be doing at home. Then there’s the men who get off on forced intoxication. In other words, I will force you to take shot after shot after shot of liquor so you become so inebriated that you spend all your money on me. In the process of this, I ridicule him and find creative and unique ways of letting him know he’s less meaningful to me than the dirt on the bottom of my shoes. Oh, then there’s the guys who want to lick the dirt off the bottom of my shoes because, well…. That’s hot too, right? From stocking fetishes to spanking fetishes to the caller who would jerk off as I in painfully slow, intricate detail described to him what every single one of the teeth in my mouth looked like, I’ve come to find out over the course of the last year that just about anything you could conjure up in your mind…. there’s someone out there who will cum so fucking hard to that craziness!

TabooFetish1Learning about these fetishes and communicating about them, asking the callers questions so that I understand more, and playing out their fantasies for them is something I genuinely enjoy doing, even if the fetish itself is not necessarily my cup of tea. One of my favorite calls was a very long role play fantasy where the guy wanted to time-travel back in time so he could impregnate his mother with himself. I mean, who gets to piece together the outrageous details of such a scenario and get paid to do it, customer satisfaction practically guaranteed? I mean, if you cum…. I’ve done my job, right? 😉 A year into doing phone sex, it now takes a lot to shock me and I am surprisingly able to go through the motions with crazy fetishes and taboos I’ve never seen or heard. In fact, I fucking love when someone comes up with stories so unique that it literally makes me laugh out loud – not because I think the person is weird, but because I’m genuinely entertained by the level of whimsy, fantasy, creativity, and all around storytelling that some people can bring into their process of getting off.

For myself, I obviously like older men and I like the idea of being overpowered in the bedroom, tossed around and played with and feeling so desired that it comes close to the brink of feeling “used.” I love a good spanking every now and then, and I am very much into pushing the boundaries of what me and my guy are capable of getting away with in public, adding a little bit of exhibitionism to my fetish shelf that I didn’t quite know I had before. I’ve definitely gotten into the whole “fantasy role play world and enjoy dressing up in sexy little outfits, heels, and playful attire that will suit whatever “role” is being explored. Yet, there are many areas that still leave a bit of a question mark in my mind that I’m just not completely sold on yet. Forced intoxication, financial domination, sissy training, and cuckolding, to name a few.

findomFinancial domination in particular is interesting to me and I’d love to know more, but quite frankly most of the FinDom guys on NiteFlirt are fakers who don’t come through. Even though they are begging to have their wallets raped, they still think they can tell the girl what to do and have their orders be delivered on demand. To me, a fetish isn’t fun if you’re not going to commit to it. That doesn’t mean you really have to empty your wallet for me if this is just a fantasy as opposed to a lifestyle, but it does mean you don’t get to boss me around like you’re in control, when what you’re asking for and calling me for is to control you. So even though I offer these services to my callers, I’ve yet to talk to the right guy who has really come through and sold the idea to me. If you’re reading this and think you’re that guy…. TRY ME. Give me a call and if you’re willing to commit, trust me…. I can and will fucking bring it.

So, I’d love to hear what kind of fantasies and fetishes you find intriguing, either because you’re aroused by it or just fucking intrigued. Do you consider yourself “vanilla” or “taboo” and why? Either comment here or send me a message through NiteFlirt so I can learn more about your kinks and your curiosities! Maybe you’re not even sure what your particular sexual fetishes are? Check out some of my audio goodies and explore some naughty and erotic adventures with me, even if it’s outside the niche that normally gets you off!            

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Fantasy, Reality and Phone Sex

Before I started doing phone sex I honestly didn’t even know it was something that still existed as a business or as a sexual desire. I mean, I knew about phone sex and had even had it a couple times myself in my personal life (although I was generally more a fan of “sexting” lol), but I had NO IDEA there was a whole world of people out there who still simply picked up the phone to talk and get off with a stranger while talking through and playing out their fantasies.

Having grown up in a generation who has Internet porn at our fingertips at any given time of day or night, I was truly shocked and had a lot of questions about phone sex when I started looking into the world of porn and the adult industry. I have found, over a relatively short period of time, that there are some blurred lines between the fantasy associated with phone sex and the reality of making a true connection with the person on the other end of the line.

Before I get into that, let me back track a little bit and answer one of the questions posed to me most commonly by callers:

“How did you get into phone sex?”

It was my senior year of high school last December 2014 immediately following my 18th birthday, and my boyfriend at the time (now Ex-boyfriend with a capital “EX”) made a joke about how I would make a ton of money if I werPSO BLOG 3e a “cam girl” on the Internet. This turned into several hours of both of us looking up various adult websites for girls who offer cam shows and seeing the kinds of things they do on video. We laughed, were intrigued, sometimes shocked, and often became mesmerized as we saw all the things various girls (some smoking HOTTTT and some … well, not exactly the types of women I would have imagined would draw the level of clientele they do) who are willing to do outrageous things by request on webcam for strangers. So, while at the time it began as a joke and a flirty/sexy/funny and completely non-serious idea between my boyfriend and I to entertain us one night, I then started noticing several ads about “phone sex operators” and my interest was piqued!

After reading several articles, visiting websites with information, and learning about the industry in general, I knew this was, far more than “camming,” a route I would be willing to go to put myself out there, meet and talk to new people, and make money while having some possible fun (or amusement if nothing else). When I first started taking calls I was floored by the different types of men, women, and fetishes out there! I had many calls that greatly and deeply disturbed me, I had calls that outright confused the fuck out of me, and I also had some calls that made me so wet I couldn’t help but slip my hand down my panties and join the stranger on the other end of the phone in whatever fantasy or role play we were acting out. In those early days I spent a lot of time getting off, because… wow… no one had ever talked to me like some of these guys were talking to me and I had no idea the effect that these fantasy situations were going to have on my body and my mind.


Even though I’m young and haven’t been with a large number of sexual partners, I’ve always been exceptionally curious, creative, vocal, and adventurous in my personal sex life. However, the volume of calls, the amped up sexual energy constantly at my disposal, and the continued array of fantasies, desires, fetishes, and thirst for passion was reaching a level I had never personally experienced prior to this. I began telling my best friend about NiteFlirt and phone sex and the fact that I was making pretty good money, meeting some insanely sexy guys, and finding myself in a constant cycle of CRAVING phone sex! She obviously had so many questions, but the hardest one for her to grasp was this one:

“What if the guys you’re talking to are ugly or disgusting guys you would never in a million years talk to in real life?”

tumblr_n2wau9msiz1s562dio1_400I’d be lying if I claim to have never considered this before. Just like it’s normal for the guys calling us girls with NiteFlirt listings to question if we are REALLY the girl in the pictures, or the age we say we are, or anything even remotely resembling who we describe to you – this is something us girls think about as well. For example, every time a guy tells me he has a 10” cock you know what my response is? “You’re a fucking liar!” haha, that’s my response. Maybe 1 out of 10 guys has a dick that big, and maybe 1 out of 5 of the girls you’ve ever called is actually who she says she is, and maybe 1 out of 100 guys I’ve talked to is someone I would actually talk to if I met him at a party or be attracted to physically if I saw him in person, but what I decided from my own perspective is that I actually don’t care and it truly doesn’t matter to me!

The purpose of a fantasy is just that… it’s a FANTASY. The two of us were acting out  role play and the picture I have in my mind doesn’t have to add up to who this guy really is because, well, I’m never going to know the difference anyway. The chances of me ever seeing this guy in real life are slim-to-none. Therefore, masqueradeto ME in the moment I’m talking to a particular caller, my imagination is in some sense the truth. What I’m hearing is thanks to him; what I’m envisioning is thanks to my own imagination. It’s the combination of real life interaction with the fantasy of my own interpretation of who he is that gets me off and vice versa. I can tell you a thousand times over that I’m really who I say I am and that I’m actually the girl in the pictures you’re looking at, but until the day you meet me face-to-face you can never truly know the extent of what is real or what isn’t, right? Does it matter? Does it inhibit your ability to cum so hard and become addicted to my voice and your idea of me in your mind? I don’t think it does. I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you DID meet me face-to-face, but the truth is… in those moments, what you IMAGINE is what matters; the image your mind paints is your truth and it’s fucking amazing no matter what “reality” might expose.

What Really Matters is Connection

Over time I’ve gotten regular loyal callers with whom I’ve established a good connection (hi there baby! Hehe) as well as callers who have made an impact on me even though we only ever spoke once (hopefully those sexy guys read this blog too!) Each of the most memorable calls have something in common: that blend of something that feels so real matched with something that encourages my imagination to create the perfect fantasy. 

For instance, I have had moments where the voice on the other end of the phone tells me he is looking into my eyes and it FEELS real; I see his eyes burning through me, or my skin feels his fingertips sliding up my inner thigh, finally making his way to my wetness. In these brief moments I FEEL like this man, who I’ve never seen or met, is slipping his fingers inside of me. I’ve had men tell me they are kissing me, tasting me, fucking me…. and I’ve had it feel REAL. I’ve gotten so lost in the moment that the line between fantasy and reality fades and, even if for small isolated moments together, there is a connection that cannot be explained to anyone else in the world who is not feeling the true intensity of what we are feeling right then and there.


Those moments leading up to and right when we orgasm are so intimate, personal, and authentic. Each person’s true selves come through; I’ve heard men cry, moan, scream, beg, curse; I’ve witnessed pride, humiliation, angst, shame, genuine happiness and ecstasy in those moments. Let me be clear, though: allowing someone to transcend the barrier of the phone and connect to you in the most intimate of ways isn’t something handed out lightly to any random horny guy who calls me; no, it’s something that, just like real life chemistry, can only be done with the people to whom you are truly attracted and have an authentic and “real” connection.

While I was initially confused as to why guys nowadays would still call phone sex lines rather than watch girls on cams or just download porn and jerk off to that for far less cost, I am now completely sold on why phone sex is still around so many years after these other ways to get off became available. Phone sex is the only medium that allows each participant to make a personal connection while still activating and utilizing the deepest, often secret, and most sexual sides of one’s imagination. We say things we maybe have never said in “real” life and sometimes say we’d do things that are questionable as to whether or not we’d actually do them.

PSO BLOG 1However, as two complete strangers are laying there, in different rooms, different homes, different zip codes, and sometimes different continents, yet are able to even for the smallest moment feel as though their “partner” is laying right there beside them… THAT is why phone sex is fucking amazing. THAT is why I’m hooked. THAT is why, when you hear me and you think, “wow! This girl is either an amazing actress or really just got off on the phone with me!” you can know that you are probably in that small percentage of guys who have seen into the real me and allowed me to share my naughtiest, most deviant, and sexiest sides of my fantasies with you in such an incredibly real way.

And what if you haven’t experienced that level of amazing phone sex? Maybe you haven’t found the right girl yet! Maybe that level of intimacy isn’t what you need and you just need to hear a voice to stroke it to or feel less lonely for a few minutes each night. Whatever the reason is, phone sex is here to stay and I couldn’t be happier that I am part of this fucking wacky world of NiteFlirt where I can meet the most amazing guys who open up my eyes to new and exciting things every single day.
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Good Girl Gone Bad


I’ve always wondered what most guys found hotter – the good girl or the bad girl? My whole life i’ve been a “good girl” as far as anyone could see. Aside from the general girl-next-door, innocent, and youthful look that I have, I’ve always been the girl who did things I was “supposed” to do. I very rarely got in trouble at home because I wasn’t a “problem child,” my teachers at school adored me cause I always got my work in on time and was an enthusiastic motivator for the less academically-inclined, and all my friends’ parents trusted me as the well-behaved girl they thought I was.


What’s funny is, inside my mind I always thought of myself as a “naughty” or “bad” girl. I would lay in bed at night and fantasize about performing sexual acts not only on the boys from school, but on the teachers or guidance counselors as well. When my friends and I had sleepovers, I was the one who would encourage us to look up dirty words, naked pictures, or pornographic videos on the internet. Better yet, when I was 13 I had sex for the first time with an “older” boy (he was 17) and at age 16 I had a full-fledged affair with a much older man (he was 43) who was married.

These are not the actions one would typically associate goodbad1with a “good girl.” Furthermore, as all my friends have been off from school and returning to their crappy retail and minimum wage holiday seasonal jobs, I’m working on NiteFlirt making guys cum by saying the nastiest things imaginable as I suck their wallets dry. I have absolutely no moral question-mark about the things that I say; I have no internal struggle about “right” vs. “wrong,” nor do I have any desire to stop making money this way anytime soon. In fact, I fucking love it. I love getting off on the phone and hearing about what gets each of the guys I talk to off. I love that I have a place to act out my wildest fantasies, my nastiest dreams, and be the perfect combination of a slutty little teen and tempting cock-tease all at the same time, and without the shame that’s attached to being that way in “real life.”

It’s funny cause talking to so many guys on the phone through NiteFlirt constantly brings up the question of “real” vs. “fake.” Some guys will automatically assume that every single girl on the site is lying, because (they ask) – “why would a hot 19-year-old girl actually want to talk to a guy twice her age?” and “why would you want to talk to losers when you could have any guy you want?” Well – for me, the answer is easy: for one, I prefer older guys to boys my age; secondly, I love sex and love talking about it all the fucking time… something you can’t do in “real” life when the expectation is for you to be a sweet, innocent, well-behaved girl all the time.


Sure, guys say they WANT a girl who is DTF (down-to-fuck, for those of you not up on the slang, hehe), but the second you make a request for something even slightly “taboo” to typical mainstream people, they are horrified! If being on NiteFlirt has taught me one thing it’s not to waste my time in life being ashamed of how sexual I am and hiding it from guys. YES, I *am* a good girl: I go to a good school, get all A’s, have a healthy  relationship with my family, and have a ton of great friends who know they can rely on me. HOWEVER, I also *am* who I *am* – I love guys twice my age cause they take the time to appreciate being with a hot and tight girl and I think that’s hot. Also, I have a dirty fucking mouth and I am not going to apologize for it. Then there’s the fact that I love anal sex and when a guy cums on my body I want to either lick some of it up or rub it all over myself sometimes.angeldevil

Yes, I’m a dirty fucking girl. I’m also a good girl. What’s funny is that I think most girls are like this, but it’s society that makes us feel ashamed of it. Finding a girl who is comfortable enough in her own skin to share both of these sides with you means you hit the goddamn jackpot, discovered the Holy Grail, and need to hold on to her tight because you’re in for a wild ride. Or, you just need to repeatedly call her and tell her how great she is and make her cum over, and over, and over again! 😉


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